Over the years many well known faces have visited the family shop with many subsequently becoming friends. The owner of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegün, has brought many of his guests to the shop including Bette Midler and David Rockefeller. Other personalities include HH Sadruddin Aga Khan, Haser Sabah Al Sabah of Kuwait, Emmett Eiland and Miss and Bill Levit of USA and the Italian industrialist Gazoni. 

In addition to his busy working life Mustafa finds time to actively be involved in Bodrum’s Chamber of Commerce, promoting and developing the ever changing life of the multi-faceted town.

Mustafa believes that we are all transitory visitors in this world – everything belongs to everyone. We must share and bring good life, good quality, good service and good business to everyone. He considers that his own carpet business is both a hobby and a means of supporting his family.

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